Here are some of our speakers for Pest Fest 2015

We have a slate of world renowned speakers coming to Reading this year, and we are so eager to share them with you! Space is of course limited for these high demand sessions, so be sure to register early!

The Biology of The Bed Bug – a lecture by the scientist and author Ralph Simmonsly


This talk is offered for the second year because last year’s standing room only crowd was so enthused by the information Ralph provided! Explaining the history and origins of the bed bug, its biology and why it’s so often a worthy adversary, Ralph takes the mystique out of the bed bug and returns it to its place on the floor.

Building Your Best Pest Business – Jon Summersby



This is a first year offering for the small business person who sees an opportunity to grow his firm in the coming eighteen months to two years. The difference in the economy following the global financial crisis and the issues of austerity in the EU are part of the conversation.

Buggy Code? Fix Your Website! – Bea Hammersmith



Bea is a delight, as those members who attended last year’s tutorial session agreed! Bea is bringing the best of the best to her presentation and tutorial session this year, and helping our members to create awesome and explosive pest control websites! Bring your laptop, or we’ll provide it – report to the student center 2nd floor!

The Pest Control Legal Environment – Marvin Schloply, Attorney At Law.


Schloply is a practicing United States attorney who has graciously traveled to Reading to present his recent paper about the UK legal environment related to pest control. With so many international differences in how governments regulate and later handle monitoring of pest control companies, Mr. Schloply recommends that all of us take a close look at our exposure, and focus our efforts on bettering the industry! Come hear Mr. Schloply speak in the dining hall.