Our Latest Lews for Pest Fest 2015

Robert Harding will be present on our Pest Fest 2015 panel!

Great news, members and attendees alike! We are so thrilled to welcome Robert Harding to our Pest Fest 2015 panel!

56610-Bob HardingHe will be serving as a facilitator in a conversation between Former Prime Minister Tony Blair and Ralph Nader.

The two will go head to head, discussing public safety and policy, the importance of pest control to the public health and the differences in regulatory and legal factors that face our pest control companies in the UK and America.

With so many pest control firms that grew up here in the United Kingdom looking for expansion opportunities abroad, this is sure to be a fascinating and important talk to attend.

Prior to the conversation, attendees will have an opportunity to offer questions for committee review. The questions will be presented by Robert Harding to the two distinguished panelists.

For those of you unfamiliar with Harding’s work, he singlehandedly drove a wedge into the Republican Party during an Iowa debate he facilitated. As the leader of the CNN news division he was surprised by the lack of familiarity of the candidates in a then open field with the basic facts of the election.


Space is limited, as this will be held in the alcove right outside of Professor Jackson’s office in the Biology wing. Please be sure to register. Bags will be inspected at this lecture event and flash photography is prohibited.

If you attend the preceding paper Mache bug sculpture opportunity, please leave your larger than life creation to be fetched later, following this talk.