Advertise with Pest Fest 2016!

What an opportunity to get the word out about your brand!

If you are a company that supports pest control firms, you can reach for the starts when you advertise with Pest Fest 2016. We offer competitive sponsorship opportunities for companies of all sizes. If you would like to offer a bar, meal or table sponsorship, we would like to discuss that with you privately. Please do call us as soon as possible, as we have very few chances remaining.

  • For those who participate by sponsoring a bar, meal or table, your logo will be prominently displayed throughout the entire conference.
  • You will also be advertised on the sides of our large caravans that will transport our visitors around Reading. The bugs on top of each will be wearing signs that show your logo off!
  • During the event, there will be no less than seventeen chances for each major sponsor to be announced from stage, ensuring that your name will be memorable.

If you are from a pest control business yourself, and wish to advertise in take away materials that will be provided to our non-pest control attendees, we can work with you. We offer gift bags which you can sponsor or contribute to, and after the event there will be mailings and chances to confer about the different information you received.

Don’t delay – become a sponsor of the year’s best pest control event today!  Call Amy Duncan now.