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If you’re ready to explore industry innovations, network with the best in the field, and learn how to make your business the best pest control firm possible, you have to register today for Pest Control Festival 2016!

Pest Fest has been running strong for ten years, now, and we are so proud of how we’ve helped our attendees and members reach the pinnacle of pest control success! We are proud of the support that Bed bug Extermination Experts of Columbus Ohio along with The Bed Exterminator in Denver gave us!


Bringing together up to 1500 member firms and their representatives each year in Berkshire, there is nothing stopping 2016 from being the biggest and best event ever! In fact, with the relocation of our event to Reading University grounds, we are so pleased to offer new breakout sessions, advanced tutorials with hands-on experience, and speakers from as far away as Wales!

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  • Learn how to disassemble a beaver’s dam without damaging the ecology or angering the beaver – join international beaver expert Jan Harcorvitz for a touching and funny session about De-Daming
  • Participants from outside the UK will love to walk through the holographic exhibit on display in the main dining hall – featuring three dimensional bug renderings, the various pests we handle in the United Kingdom will be here for all to see!
  • Each participating firm should plan to nominate a few relay players! The Pest A Thon is back by popular demand. Send us your best players, and we will put them through their paces!
  • Come to the Literature hall for a lecture that takes us all the way back to Chaucer, and investigates the role that bugs like the bed bug have had in the evolution of human society. Not to be missed!