Please join us at Pest Fest – December 12, 2015. Register for your tickets today!

Pest Fest is not only the UK’s premier pest control forum, it’s also an annual meeting for our members to get together and discuss the state of our industry! Our partners, bed bug extermination chicago experts & bed bug extermination columbus experts will be there with Bed Bug Exterminators NYC! From recruiting to legislation to some great fun times for all, Pest Fest is the UK’s only pest control festival, and the best chance for our members to enjoy one another’s company off the job! If you’re considering attending Pest Fest by yourself or with one or more colleagues, contact the Exterminator for info, you should think about making it an annual join fee, rather than just paying the conference cost. The price break is substantial, and you get the following benefits:

Pest Fest nominates our members for inclusion and consideration in the slate of annual UK pest control awards. Our members were nominated for a total of 17 international industry awards this year, and we’re rooting for every single one to win!
• We help you with marketing! We love making websites, designing your print materials, and helping you get the word out about your business.
• Mentorship is a way of life here! Consider serving as a mentor to a younger pest control professional, or to the business owner who’s coming up the same road you’ve walked. The best way to make a treasure of your experience is to pass it along! Approved by Pest Control Detroit Michigan
If you can’t become an annual member today, that’s ok! We still want to see you at Pest Fest 2016, at Reading University!